JR Preschool

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JR. Preschool Daily Schedule

7:00-8:30                     Combined with I/T—Arrival and independent child

7:00-8:00                     Breakfast for early drop off (parents provide breakfast)

8:15-8:30                     Toileting/potty learning/diapering (hand washing)

8:30-8:45                     Morning circle songs and stories

8:45-9:15                     Hand washing and snack (bathroom if needed).

9:15-10:00                   Theme related activities

10:00-10:30                 Toileting/potty learning/diapering (hand washing)

10:30-11:30                 Outdoor play, music/movement or gross motor activity

11:30-12:00                 Discovery time/child directed play

12:00-12:45                 Lunch, tooth brushing/toileting & hand washing

12:45-2:30                   Rest/quiet time

2:30-3:15                     Wake, toileting/diapering hand washing & snack

3:15-3:45                     Afternoon circle/art/theme related activity

3:45-4:45                     Outdoor Play or gross motor activity

4:45-5:00                     Toileting/potty learning/diapering (hand washing)

5:00-5:30                     Fine motor activities (puzzles, playdough, cutting/tearing)

5:30                             Combine with I/T

6:00                             Center closes

*All children will be diapered and toileted as needed throughout the day as well as at scheduled times.

** Parent/Teacher communication is very important to us.  Please let your child’s teacher know if there is anything different or “out of the ordinary” on any given day as it will help to ensure the highest level of awareness and care for your child.