Preschool is a time of discovery and incredible learning.  At Small Wonders your child will have the opportunity to experience many different things on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Children feel safe and respected in our center and are eager and willing to learn.

 Preschool II Daily Schedule

7:00-8:30         Arrival and independent child-directed activities

8:30-9:00         Group Time circle, calendar, daily plan, songs, books

9:00-9:45         Art and theme related activities (Free choice)

9:30-10:00       Snack; Toileting and hand washing

10:00-10:30     Learning Time math, letters, science and social studies

10:30-11:30     Outdoor play or gross motor activity Toilet/hand washing

11:45-12:30     Lunch

12:15-12:45     Quiet activities; Prepare for rest

12:45-2:30       Rest

2:30-3:30       Wake, toilet/hand washing, quiet activities & snack

3:30-3:45        Afternoon group time

3:45-4:00         Prepare for outdoors, toileting

4:00-5:15         Outdoor play or gross motor/free play

5:15-6:00         Hand washing, toileting, departure

6:00                 Center closes