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All infant & toddlers’ days at the center will include snacks and meals, developmentally appropriate activities, individual play , teacher/child interaction and learning, indoor/outdoor sensory play, and lots of tender loving care.

Infant/Toddler Daily Schedule

7:00-8:00              Arrival and breakfast
8:00-8:30              Individual play, teacher interaction, language development
8:30-8:45              Welcome circle and story
8:45-9:15              Gross Motor Activites
9:15-9:45              Snack, clean up and hand washing
9:45-10:15            Diapering and Group Time (singing and fingerplays)
10:15-10:45          Theme Related Activity / Art Activity
10:45-11:30          Outdoor play / Music and Movement
11:30-12:15          Hand washing, diapering and lunch
12:15-2:30            Clean up and rest
2:30-3:00              Diapering, hand washing and Fine Motor
3:00-3:30              Snack and clean up
3:30-5:00              Outdoor play or Theme Related Activity
5:00-5:30              Hand washing, diapering, prepare for departure
5:30-6:00              Manipulatives, puzzles, quiet activities, stories, and singing
6:00                       Center Closes

*All children will be diapered and toileted as needed throughout the day as well as at the scheduled times. Parent and teacher communication is very important, especially with young infants and toddlers. Please let your child’s teacher and caregiver know anything you think is “out of the ordinary”, or different on any given day, as it will help us ensure the highest level of awareness and care for your toddler.